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Macracote Plus CRF Grey 18:1:8 + TE, 8-9 month

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Product Description

Macracote Plus CRF Grey 8-9 month
Packed in 2kg and 20kg bag
Australian Made

Important Note

Macracote® is a spherical granule of gold, compounded CRF type of fertiliser with a diameter of 2 to 4mm. This is manufactured by coating granular NPK with a polymer composition of modified wax, natural additives and with trace elements.

A wide variety of the Macracote® range with various nutrient compositions and varying release rates are manufactured, that meet the fertilisation requirements of many kinds of plants. As the release rates of the nutrients are accurately controlled by a blend of special coating technology, one single dose application is possible for the entire fertilisation to the plants, adjusting the rate of release to match the plant growth throughout the required period.

The controlled release of plant nutrients from Macracote® fertilisers is a physical process, consisting of three steps;
Step 1: Water penetration through its coating
Step 2: Nutrients dissolving in the water within the coated granule
Step 3: The release of nutrients in solution, through the unique coating which is in the form of a semi permeable membrane, by the reverse osmotic pressure of the penetrating water.

The Release of nutrients from Macracote® is not influenced by microbial activity but is highly dependent on soil temperature variance.

Macracote® technology is unique and differentiated in that the release of all the nutrients through the coating is simultaneous and at an even rate irrespective of the varying molecule sizes of N, P and K. This is due to the unique crystalline structure and morphology of its modified coating.
The special polymer coating composition of the modified wax possesses excellent heat storing properties
and sustains to the harshest climate conditions by working as heat insulator around the NPK granules.

Selecting the right blend is the critical factor in achieving a predictable release pattern. Variation of temperature dependant nutrient release has been achieved by the incorporation of additives in the modified wax coating.
Other factors to consider are plant species and plant sensitivity to specific nutrients e.g.: Phosphorus sensitive plants.

Macracote® is competitively priced since it is produced in Australia unlike other brands which are imported from Overseas and the costs associated with importation means that a large portion of the price you pay is freight and related costs.

We consistently prove to nurseries that we can achieve the same or better results with savings of 20 –30%.


N: 18 P:1 K:8 plus trace elements

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