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About Us

Smoult Horticultural Suppliers has a comprehensive range of nursery and garden products to suit commercial plant growers, retail stores, amenity horticulture (parks & gardens), landscapers, plant research, flower growers, and discerning gardeners.

Established in 1992 the company remains focused on supplying quality products and service to businesses and individuals improving the environment through growing plants for enjoyment, sustainability and consumption. Our service is mostly South Australian based but we are happy to assist where we can growers from other parts of Australia.

This website lists hundreds of products and will continue to improve as we add helpful information like newsletters, bulletins and useful links to similar businesses and organisations that provide growers with ideas and technical support.

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The business operates as a mobile supply only with free delivery in the greater "Adelaide" metro area for orders over $100. And sometimes further a field in SA. Orders $50 to $100 and in our delivery area can be delivered for an extra $15. Minimum order for delivery is $50.

For customers outside of Adelaide and SA

Please submit an enquiry with the delivery address for a quote

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