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Nutricote 180 Day Pink 19.1:0:11.9

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Product Description

Nutricote 180 Day Pink
Pack size 25kg
Used extensively on plants sensitive to Phosphorous as has zero P

Important Note

Nutricote Controlled Release Fertiliser is available in a range of formulations, including the TOTAL range, which contains trace elements, and a wide range of release times to suit your crop.
Because release from Nutricote is temperature dependent, you need to first select your season and temperature range before selecting you ideal fertiliser formulation. Nutricote is not affected by microbial activity, PH or soil type. Even rainfall and irrigation have little effect on release rates, so you can be assured of reliable results every season.
Each Nutricote prill contains a complete fertiliser and to ensure the correct level of nutrients even in very small containers, prills are also available in fine grain form, allowing even distribution in the smallest cells. Each prill has a plastic resin coating that is generally less than 6% product weight and 12% for the Micro.
Water is absorbed into the prill by hydroscopic action. It dissolves nutrients, which diffuse out at a rate that is controlled by temperature and the amount of release agent in the prills coating
Once water is absorbed into a Nutricote prill, the rate of nutrient release is controlled by temperature. Nutrient are released faster in warmer conditions, but there is no rapid change in release characteristic.
As temperatures increase through spring, plant growth accelerates and so does nutrient release from Nutricote. This mean that plant growth is never held back by the fertiliser. During cooler weather, when plants are growing more slowly, the rate of nutrient release also slows. This means that with Nutricote, your fertiliser wastage is minimised.
Nitrate and phosphate concentrations in drainage waters are also minimised, so that pollution of waterways with these nutrients is virtually eliminated
Nutricote is your safeguard for healthier crops and a healthier enviorment


N: 19.1 P: 0 K: 11.9

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