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Rosalux Gro Light (Hotbox Int)

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Product Description

Rosalux Gro Light

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The Hotbox Rosalux produces light in a very narrow bandwidth around 660 nanometers, which is equal to the peak of the plants photosynthetic response curve.

Directions for use

The height above the crop will depend on the intensity needed. The intensity will no doubt have different effects on different plants

They suggest you take the Rosalux into a darkened room. Holding the Rosalux about 1 metre above the floor will show a pool of light about 1.2m x 0.9m. Lifting it higher will give an increased pool but with lower intensity. Lowering it will give greater intensity but a smaller pool.
It is suggested early trials should be started at heights of 80-100cm

They suggest the Rosalux should be used to supplement daylight or other lighting systems (it is not intended that the Rosalux should replace other lighting systems) The Rosalux will give a boost of light at the critical level of 660 nanometers, and this should give a beneficial effect on your crop. The effect will vary according to the variety and stage of growth, but it is known to assist germination, assist rooting, benefit growth, increase branching and promote growth to the seed stage on crops such as beans etc.

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