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Peat Moss - Jiffy Bales

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Product Description

Grower Bale x 225llt - Quality Peat Moss in two grades

Fine - graded 0-5mm. Ideal for cell trays and tubes.

Medium - graded 0-20mm. Ideal for many plants in pots up to 150mm

Directions for use

Fine - This Peat is ideal to use as a component in propagation with the addition of Perlite, Vermiculite, Sand and/or Fertiliser.

Medium - This Peat is ideal to use as a component in pots with the addition of Coir, Bark, Perlite and/or Fertiliser.

Important Note

This product has NOT been pH adjusted. it is a raw peat that requires the addition of Dolomite Lime to raise the pH above 4.0.


Fine Grade
pH 4.0
Air Fill Porosity 10-15%
Water Uptake 80-85%
Moisture Content 55-65%

Medium Grade
pH 3.0 - 4.5
Air Fill Porosity 12-17%
Water Uptake 75-95%
Moisture Content 50-70%

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