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Typhoon General Purpose Tablets 20:4:8 +TE

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Product Description

Typhoon General Purpose Tablets 20:4:8 +TE
Pack size 1000 tablets

Directions for use

New Plantings
Place the tablet(s) half way up the side of the root ball against the roots. Backfill and water in

Suggested rates

Ground covers - 1 x 10gm Tablet
Small Shrubs - 1 x 10gm Tablet
Large Shrubs - 2 x 10gm Tablets
Trees to 60cm - 1 x 20gm Tablet
Trees 60cm - 1mt - 1-2 x 20gm Tablets
Tress 1mt + - 1-2 x 20gm Tablets per metre of height

Important Note

Typhoon Planting Tablets deliver a complete spectrum of nutrients evenly and continuously to plants over approximately one year.


Concentrated NPK analysis
Full range of trace elements
Minimal risk of burning
Each plant recieves an exact measured dose
Minimal loss from leaching
Zero loss from runoff
Saves time and labour, storage and transport costs
Improved growth rates due to constant supply of nutrients over a long period of time
Doesn't feed weeds

Plant Species
Suitable for all types of plants except Phosphorus sensitive varieties

How TYPHOON works
The nutrients are released by soil moisture and microbial activity. Throughout the life of the tablet it supplies food and energy to beneficial soil -micro-organisms. The micro-organisms gently and gradually release nutrients back into the soil in a form that the plant can absorb

Safe, Non-Burning, Resists Leaching
The nature of "TYPHOON" tablets means that they are an extremely safe way to fertilise plants. The tablet remains in place even in porous soils. The tablet breaks down into a powder, and this powder locks onto soil particles until it is released to the plant by microbial action. This minimises losses, even in sandy soil


N 20.0 : P 4.0 : K 8.0 + TE

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