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Bailey Lawn Fertiliser - Energy Turf

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Product Description

Bailey Lawn Fertiliser - Energy Turf
Pack size 20kg

Granulated for easy spreading

Directions for use

Pre Plant
20-30 Grams per Square Metre and water in well

Established Lawns
Every 6-8 weeks in the growing season
30-50 Grams per Square Metre and irrigate well after application

Important Note

Do not apply fertiliser in the heat of the day or to a wet lawn and always water thoroughly after every application


N: 13 P: 0.8 K: 7.1 plus Trace Elements
30% Blood & Bone
(TE: Ca 2.5, Mg 0.4, S 10.8, Fe 1.0, Mn 0.8)

Added Zeolite holds nutrients and water in the root zone where it is available for plant uptake. Zeolite reduces leaching, improves soil aeration and structure

Added Humates improve the fertility of the soil, increasing the conversion of plant available nutrients and stimulating beneficial microbial activity and root growth.

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