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Smokemaster (Smoke water for germination of native plants)

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Product Description

Smokemaster (Smoke water for germination of native plants)
Pack sizes 1lt, 5lt & 20lt

See shipping costs below for customers outside the greater metro area of Adelaide SA

How to Prepare

Smokemaster can be applied using several methods and as a general rule, sowing and applying Smokemaster should be carried out when germination is most likely to occur.

Seeds can be treated by soaking in a diluted solution of Smokemaster for 6-36 hours until they begin to swell. Treated seeds should then be dried and sown when required. Alternatively, trays containing sown seeds can be sprayed with undiluted Smokemaster and carefully watered for the first 6-10 days to ensure adequate penetration of smoke compounds

Note: Smokemaster is water soluble and over watering of seed trays can leach the active agents from the medium before seed dormancy has been broken

Seed soak; Dilute 100ml to 1lt water (Soak as directed above)

Seed tray; Spray undiluted (100ml will cover 1 square metre)

Important Note

1lt posted Australia Wide - add $15
5lt posted Australia Wide - add $29
20lt only supplied in Adelaide SA

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