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Hozon Fertiliser Injector / Mixer

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Product Description

Hozon Brass Fertiliser Injector / Mixer
Simple 16:1 bucket fertiliser mixer
Fits Australian 3/4" BSP standard threaded tap

How to Prepare

(1:16 ratio)...Make a concentrated solution; using a bucket that is 4 to 20 litres, mix your fertiliser with water at 16 times the rate normally used. (The product will be diluted 16 times as it passes through the siphon mixer)
Example - If the fertiliser directions tell you to use 7ml per litre, you would mix 112 ml per litre. When drawn through the siphon mixer, the fertiliser will be mixed with water at a 16 to 1 ratio. The finished product will be the correct proportion when discharged out of the hose.

Important Note

All fertiliser mixes should be made according to the manufacturers recommendations.
Caution - not suitable for drippers or misters, as free flowing system required (no back pressure)

Additional Notes/Instructions

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