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Eco Seaweed Concentrate

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Product Description

Eco Seaweed Concentrate
Pack size 600gm
Highly concentrated - 600gm can make up to 1200 litres

Directions for use

1 teaspoon in 9lt of water or 4 teaspoon in a 2lt hose-on refill applicator

Mix in water and apply either as foliage spray or water into the soil (Phillip's recommendation is into the soil!)

New Lawns, Seedlings & Transplanted Plants - Weekly until established

Sick & Stressed Plants - Weekly until recovered

General Maintenance of Pot Plants, garden Beds, lawns, Veggie Patches etc. - Every 2-4 weeks

Ideal for use on all plants including natives, vegetables, lawns and flowering plants

Important Note

eco-seaweed is a Registered Organic seaweed extract that�s 100% soluble and stimulates a range of beneficial actions including: reduced transplant shock, improved health and vigor, reduced incidence of disease, improved drought tolerance and more. So concentrated you only need a teaspoon in a 9 litre watering can!

100% seaweed extract containing Ascophyllum nodosum � the most researched seaweed in the world

contains over 60 vital nutrients including 16% potassium
100% seaweed extract
no nasty preservatives or dilutants
stimulates strong healthy plant growth
encourages root development and minimises transplant shock
enhances plants ability to cope with various stresses including drought, salty soils and the cold
extremely concentrated (100gm will treat 1,000 square metres)
powdered format makes it light and compact
100% soluble � no clogging of spray heads or watering can rosettes
apply as a foliar spray or water into the soil
Registered Organic (Australian Organic)


100% seaweed extract containing Ascophyllum nodosum

Dry matter 95% (moisture 5%)
Organic matter 45-50%
Ash 45-55%
Nitrogen (N) 1%
Phosphorus (P) 1%
Potassium (K) 16%
Amino acids 6%
Plant Growth Regulators: 600ppm made up of Cytokinins, Auxins, Gibberellins and Betaines
Plus Magnesium, Calcium, Iron, Sulphur, Copper, Manganese, Zinc, Boron and other trace elements

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