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Kendocide (423 g/l Dichlorophen) - Algae & Moss Control

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Product Description

Kendocide (423 g/l Dichlorophen)
Pack sizes 250ml, 1lt, 5lt & 20lt
Available Adelaide SA - can not be posted

Directions for use

Algae on sand of propagating benches
10ml/5lt of Water. Apply to sand surface when algae appears. Do not apply to growing plants.
Algae on Brickwork and concrete paths
125ml/10lt of water. Spray affected areas when algae appears
Algae on plant pots and seed boxes
5ml/15lt of water. Scrub or soak pots and boxes before filling with soil
Algae on soil surfaces of pot plants and seedling boxes
2ml/25lt of water. Water over pot plants and seedling boxes when algae appears, not more frequently than twice per month. Apply cautiously to plants of legume family, orchids and aquatic plants. Test on small batch of plants if in doubt of suitability
Disinfecting pruning knives and similar tools
4ml/1lt of water. Store in solution overnight and rinse with clean water before use. Turbidity caused by sap adhering to tools does not inhibit disinfection
Moss and Algae in lawns
25ml/5lt of water. Apply 1 litre of prepared solution to each 5 square metres of affected lawn. Apply as a spray or by watering can. Spike the area before treatment to minimise run-off and improve penetration
Synthetic grass tennis courts, bowling greens
50ml/5lt of water. Apply to affected areas in dry weather. remove dead growth with stiff yard broom and redress court with new sand. A second application may be required if rain occurs soon after application.
Granular Surfaced tennis courts, i.e. En Tout Cas, Granitic Sand, Gravel etc
50ml/5lt of water. A second application may be required due to leaching by regular watering

Protect skin and eyes at all times during use

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