Dismiss Pre-Emergent Herbcide
Dismiss ornamental herbicide is a safe cost effective pre-emergent granular herbicide which combines two tried and proven active ingredients in the one granule. This combination offers broad spectrum weed control of both broad leaf and grass weeds to a standard expected by the nursery and landscape industry

Dismiss ornamental herbicide provides up to 3 months weed control of over 40 different weed species in potted and open grown ornamentals

Dismiss ornamental herbicide is packaged in convenient to use 10kg & 20kg pails. The 1kg screw top container will be released later in the season

For Best Results
- Apply Dismiss evenly through a calibrated applicator or by gloved hand to moist potting medium or by overhead watering immediately after application. Do not apply to wet foliage

- One application will last for up to 3 months. Re-treat when the first signs of regrowth are seen but no sooner than 2 months and no later than 3 months after application

- Do not apply Dismiss ornamental herbicide 2 weeks prior to or 2 weeks after leaf bud break or during periods of flush growth. Newly formed leaves are sensitive to the product.

Application rates
100kg/Ha or 1kg/100 square metres (10gm/square metre). The label on the product also lists other critical comments relating to application. Read below for other restraints.

Weeds Controlled
Dismiss Ornamental Herbicide controls; Barley grass, Barnyard grass, Burr grass, Crowsfoot grass, Liverseed grass, Love grass, Pigeon grass, Rhodes grass, Rye grass, Stink grass, Summer grass, Winter grass, Amsinkia, Bladder ketmia, Blackberry nightshade, Caltrop, Capeweed, Chickweed, Creeping oxalis, Deadnettle, Fat hen, Fleabane, Flickweed, Giant pigweed, Mallow, Mimosa, Pigweed, Prickley lettuce, Red caustic creeper, Redshank (Amaranth), Shepherds purse, Soursob, Sowthistle, Staggerweed, Starburr, Subterranean clover, Thornapple, White eye, Wild mustard, Wild radish, Wireweed, Willowherb

The label lists a comprehensive range of plants that Dismiss has been tested on.

Dismiss ornamental herbicide IS NOT RECOMMENDED for use on vegetables or edible fruit crops, turf, bedding plants or greenhouse flowering crops

DO NOT mix Dismiss ornamental herbicide into potting media as poor weed control will be obtained and plant damage is likely
DO NOT apply Dismiss ornamental herbicide in windy conditions likely to affect good distribution
DO NOT broadcast Dismiss ornamental herbicide over wet foliage

The Dismiss calibrated shaker can be used for accurate rate application and distribution to individual pots

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