Hot Box Sulfume
The Hotbox Sulfume is the only Sulphur vapouriser that can guarantee efficient vapourisation of sulphur, without the production of other compounds. This provides a greater level of control over powdery mildew, black spot and botrytis than has been achieved before

Hotbox Sulfume operates at only 45W, after a warm up period of 10 minutes at 120W. 1600 square metres can be started from one 10 amp electrical supply and only draw 3.75 amps once at temperature. Running costs are therefore kept to a minimum.

Quick Facts

  • Temperature controlled
  • Low power consumption
  • Simple installation
  • Voltage independent
  • No oxide production
  • Used in production of cut flowers (roses, gerberas, lisianthus etc.), Australian Natives, nursery stock, salad crops etc.
  • Saves time instead of spraying
  • Coverage ranges from 80-100 square metres for cut flowers, to 500 square metres for salad crops
By using a uniform shaped cup, positioned accurately within the centre of the Sulfume cylinder, distribution is ensured through the natural funnel effect. One Sulfume is capable of treating 100 square metres (10m x 10m)

The self regulated heating plate is manufactured in quality aluminium. This insures a long life, with no danger of breakage from rough use, condensation or sulphur spillage

The Sulfume can save you money. After an initial surge for less than 1 second, the element operates at 120 watts until the desired temperature is achieved. It then drops to under 50 watts to maintain the temperature. At this level it is the most economic Sulphur vapouriser available. The self regulation uses new technology and does not operate like a traditional thermostat, therefore the consumption changes only slightly with variations in temperature

Vapour only - No burning

The Hotbox Sulfume is the only Sulphur vapouriser capable of guaranteeing that no burning of sulphur will take place. Hotbox ensure the regulation of temperature is accurate, therefore eliminating any danger of burning and production of any unwanted bi-products

The heat plate within the Sulfume is automatically regulated to a fixed temperature, perfect for Sulphur when using the Hotbox aluminium cup. The temperature is constantly maintained through self regulation. You will never find a Hotbox Sulfume above or below the designed temperature

Stainless Steel
All Sulfumes are manufactured to a high standard using a Stainless Steel body. The unit is built to last. Due to the regulation of the heating plate and the use of stainless steel, the Sulfume can be touched on the outside during use, therefore safe for the workplace

Voltage Independence
The Sulfume is truly independent. Even if there are great fluctuations in voltage the Sulfume will always maintain the same temperature. Hotbox can guarantee that performance will always be consistent despite voltage changes. The Sulfume is the only sulphur vapouriser that can do this. Even in a poor voltage area, if the supply drops to 200 or even 180 volts, it will not affect the temperature within the Sulfume

The Sulfume can be hung from any greenhouse structure. Equally space units for uniform distribution


2 metre cable with moulded plug

13cm diameter x 18cm high

Use pure Sulphur (also known as atomic sulphur, rock sulphur, slate sulphur)
DO NOT use soluble sulphur (this has other chemicals added)
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