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Quality long strand New Zealand Sphagnum MossSphagnum Moss
If you are looking for quality long strand Sphagnum Moss then the compressed and dried bales are just right for you. Easy to handle, just break off a piece and wet. Available in small 12litre and 240lt packs. As the sphagnum moss is dried the packs weighs 150gm and 3kg.

Large Planter Tubs 30lt - 1000lt
Villa Tub with HandlesVilla Tib no handlesThese plastic planter tubs are made tough to last and available from 30lt through to 1000lt (40cm - 140cm)
You will be amazed at the quality and reasonable price.

Class is DISMISSED - Dismiss Ornamental Herbicide
Australian made pre-emergent ornamental herbicide. After extensive testing Australia wide this easy to apply, low dust and low odour formulation is now available. DISMISS controls over 40 weed species and works for up to 3 months.

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Heat Tray PropagationHeated Plant Propagation Trays
Grow successfully out of season
Ensure high germination rates and faster growth
Start plants early for spring
Become a complete gardener

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Looking for commercial size heatmats? We can supply a standard width of 1 metre by 2, 3, 4, 6 & 8 metres long (stock sizes) or we can order custom made to suit your bench space. We have been providing these quality aluminum foil heat mats for over 20 years. Thermostats are attached to the mat and adjustable up to 40C. Your plants will thrive with the low wattage heatwave panels - don't wait order early.

Hobox Sulfume Vapouriser
Hotbox Sulfume is a temperature regulated sulphur vapouriser ideal for the control and eradication of Powdery Mildew, Black Spot & Botrytis.
The Sulfume operates as only 45 watts and is used in production of cut flowers (roses, gerberas, lisianthus etc.), Australian native plants, nursery stock, salad crops. Each unit cover approx. 100 square metres.   For more information

Troforte M Fertiliser
Troforte MMM fertiliser range is now available in powder, granular and tablet form. Read more in the Fertiliser section (T-Z) and make the change to an environmentally better way to fertiliser and improve your soil

Please note these pages contain information that are of a general nature and as soil type, plant variety and other growing conditions vary caution should be taken when changing current horticultural & gardening practices. It is important that when using products listed here that you follow the instructions and recommendations made by the manufacturer (read the label). Also note that there is a mixture of commercial and garden products listed and some are not registered for use in a domestic garden situation

Ezi Root GelNEW Ezi Root Gel now available
Ezi Root Gel helps propagate plants from cuttings. The careful blending of IBA & NAA along with a wetter and fungicide makes for the perf
ect product for use on Softwood, Semi Hardwood & Hardwood cuttings. Having one product for all plants saves money and confusion when selecting the right strength hormone for plant propagation.
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