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Azalea & Camellia Fertiliser Grow Better

Item Code: 12:0060/5kg
Pack size 5kg
Order today $9.95

Garden Lime

Item Code: 12:0275/5kg
Pack size 5kg Special while stocks last $3.95
Garden Lime is often used to adjust the PH of the soil from Acidic to Neutral. Some peats and organic mulches require the use of Lime. Garden Lime is also referred to as Agricultural Lime

Librel FE-LO (Chelated Iron)

Item Code: 12:0345/FeLo25kg
Librel FE-LO Chelated Iron
Pack size 25kg - Special while stock lasts $199.00

Liquid Calcium,Magnesium,Nitrogen

Item Code: 12:0350/CMN500
Pack size 250ml & 500ml
Special 250ml @ $3.95 or 500ml @ $7.95

Liquid Phosphorus

Item Code: 12:0350/P500
Special 250ml @ $3.95 and 500ml $6.95

Macracote Indoor 3-4mth CRF Fertiliser

Item Code: 12:0370/MI500
500gm @ $2.95 and 1kg @ $4.95

Osmoform Topdress plus Hydraflo

Item Code: 12:0585
1 only left @ 20kg special $119.00

Troforte M Trace Element Planting Tablets CRF 0:1:0.6 + TE

Item Code: 12:0765/TE10
Pack size 1000 x 10gram
Special price $36.00 for 1000 tablets

Antex Spray RTU 2ltr

Item Code: 14:0110/2lt
Antex Spray RTU 2ltr
Special price $8.95

Aqua-Wett Granules x 500gm

Item Code: 14:0126/500gm
Aqua-Wett Granules x 500gm
Special price $3.95

Ban Oxalis x 250ml

Item Code: 14:0162/250ml
Ban Oxalis x 250ml - Broadleaf Weed Control
Special price $12.00

Blackberry & Tree Killer

Item Code: 14:0230/200ml
Pack size 200ml
Special price $9.95

Borax Element Fertiliser

Item Code: 12:0110/1kg
Pack size 1kg - Special while stocks last $14.95
Boric Acid (Boron) is for the treatment where Boron deficiency is a problem
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