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Librel FE-LO (Chelated Iron)

Item Code: 12:0345/FeLo25kg
Librel FE-LO Chelated Iron
Pack size 25kg - Special while stock lasts $199.00

Macracote Indoor 3-4mth CRF Fertiliser

Item Code: 12:0370/MI500
1kg @ $4.95

Osmoform Topdress plus Hydraflo

Item Code: 12:0585
1 only left @ 20kg special $119.00

Troforte M Trace Element Planting Tablets CRF 0:1:0.6 + TE

Item Code: 12:0765/TE10
Pack size 1000 x 10gram
Special price $36.00 for 1000 tablets

Liquid Calcium,Magnesium,Nitrogen

Item Code: 12:0350/CMN500
Pack size 250ml & 500ml
Special 250ml @ $3.95 or 500ml @ $7.95

Liquid Phosphorus

Item Code: 12:0350/P500
Special 250ml @ $3.95 and 500ml $6.95

Aqua-Wett Granules x 500gm

Item Code: 14:0126/500gm
Aqua-Wett Granules x 500gm
Special price $3.95

Ban Oxalis x 250ml

Item Code: 14:0162/250ml
Ban Oxalis x 250ml - Broadleaf Weed Control
Special price $12.00

Borax Element Fertiliser

Item Code: 12:0110/1kg
Pack size 1kg - Special while stocks last $14.95
Boric Acid (Boron) is for the treatment where Boron deficiency is a problem
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Bug Gun Ready to Use Insecticide

Item Code: 14:0287/750ml
Pack size 750ml
Special $4.95

Caterpillar & White Butterfly Spray

Item Code: 14:0315/200ml
Pack size 200ml
Special $5.95

Confidor Insecticide Tablets x 24

Item Code: 14:0365/54gm
Pack size 24 tablets
See also Initiator for Bulk Pack
Special $36.95

Lime Sulphur (200 g/l Sulphur as polysulphide sulphur)

Item Code: 14:0790/250ml
Pack size 250ml
Special $5.95

Pyrethrum Long Life (RTU) M/Crop x750ml

Item Code: 14:1047/750mlRTU
Pack size 750ml
Special $7.95

White Oil ”All Seasons” x 500ml

Item Code: 14:1548/500ml
Pack size 500ml
Special $6.95

Zaleton Fungicide

Item Code: 14:1555/15ml
Pack size 15ml
Special $19.95